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Game Developers Choice Awards Census

(But, Jay, didn’t you just do a nominee census yesterday? Yes, I did! Who knew there were so many game awards?!)

There were a total of 93 nominations and honourable mentions, which I have counted together. Of these, 16 had no playable characters. Seven had the player play as both women and men. 16 allowed the player to choose their protagonist’s gender. 10 had protagonists of no given gender, 25 had only male protagonists, and 19 had only female protagonists.

Which all looks like this:

Unlike the BAFTA Game Awards that I discussed yesterday, these nominees skew male-dominated.

Whilst my aim with crunching these numbers is to provide only facts, I would be remiss not to bring attention to those who critique the thematic issues of these nominees. Sarah Warn at Remeshed points out that one of the games with the most nominations (here and elsewhere), Metal Gear Solid V, features the oversexualised and silenced female character of Quiet.

She also makes this interesting observation:

“GDC’s new trailer for the event features several teams of developers whose games have been nominated – and there isn’t a single woman among them. Of course, there are probably women who worked on at least some of these games in some capacity, but they’re not highlighted here.”

The Game Developers Choice Awards will take place as part of the Game Developer’s Conference on March 16, at 6:30pm ET, and will be livestreamed.

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