Jay Castello
Freelance Writer

On Pokemon Go

Okay but my feelings over the Pokemon Go trailer actually really neatly summarises a lot of how I feel about video games and critique.

I just finished watching the trailer and I literally had to hold back tears. The trailer played on so much of my nostalgia that I think Nintendo may have invented a time machine and/or mind reading machine in order to harvest information about my childhood. If the game is anything like what it seems to be like, I can see myself (and my family) spending hours trekking about, racing to catch Pokemon, and battling to our hearts’ content.

The trailer also has like 3 seconds of gameplay and it’s obviously going to be a vastly different game from the world of the trailer (if only we were at that technological point). It also has a lot of potential for being a giant, assholish money grab. And possibly a not even a fun money grab. I can definitely see it going wrong, and Nintendo doesn’t have the best track record for putting customers before profit.

I can be well aware of these things and still be intensely excited. That’s what I want to do. It’s only a personal thing, and I understand disagreeing, but I’d rather be hyped for months and enjoy that anticipation than spending months being cautious, even if I end up being let down by the final product.

And this applies to how I feel about video games as a whole. I aim to be cautious and critical, but also to be optimistic and thrilled by them and to love them.

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