Jay Castello
Freelance Writer

A Brief Note on Headcanons

Hey. Let’s talk about headcanons.

We don’t have a lot of diversity in media. If you are anything other than straight, cis, neurotypical, white, and male, you probably don’t see yourself a lot.

That’s where headcanons can be amazing. If you want to feel you can identify more with a strong and likable character, you can just decide that, to you, they’re more like you. As long as you’re not being harmful (e.g. please don’t headcanon gay characters as bi/straight, for example) you’re just increasing your enjoyment of the thing and maybe your self esteem along the way. Because who doesn’t want to believe that heroes can be just like them?

So don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t headcanon. Whilst we want that diversity to be real canon, headcanoning is a wonderful tool and I love to see all of the joy that they bring. 

And if you don’t like a headcanon? Consider whether it actually affects you. Maybe you disagree with it, but if it’s not playing into any harmful erasure then it shouldn’t bother you. You have either the canon or your own headcanon (I will remind you that since most characters aren’t, for example, explicitly stated to be straight, you’re probably just headcanoning them as such) and you should be comfortable in believing that and leaving other people’s headcanons alone. If they’re just making people happy, there’s absolutely no reason to spoil that.

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