Jay Castello
Freelance Writer

Critique of Critique: A Guide

  “Of course a creator can create whatever they want,” say I, “and in turn I can critique it.”
“Aha! But that means I can critique you!”
You sure can! Please do! But first check that what you’re doing is actual critique. Here are some mistakes you might be making.

1) Did the person you are critiquing actually say the thing that you are accusing them of saying? No, really. You might think you know what their thoughts on a certain topic are, but go check. Be 100% sure and able to provide evidence if asked.

1a) I probably don’t think that thing/person is terrible or flawless. No, really. This includes you.

2) Okay, they did say what you disagree with, and you are sure and have proof. Now, are you addressing the issues with their statement, or with them as a person? The former is critique, the latter is a personal attack. I endeavor to be polite and fair to people I disagree with and games I discuss (if you don’t believe me, see 1 and please provide proof), I deserve the same in return.

3) Do you understand that my critique is my opinion? If so, what is your intention? Do you just want to yell at me for my opinion, or do you want to have a real discussion? If the latter, you must have a counter opinion that you can back up with your own facts and present it in a reasonable way (see 2). If the former: that’s not critique.

4) If your intention is to change my mind, are you open to changing yours? I’m willing to listen to real critque of any of my opinions; but therefore you must be as well.

5) Even if you are the most well intentioned person in the world, and you are following 1-4 to the letter, you’re not entitled to my time/energy/words. Sometimes I just have stuff to do and even if I don’t I have no obligation to discuss anything with you.

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