Jay Castello
Freelance Writer

A Trip to the Bank

Created and given to me by @bullskadan, A Trip to the Bank is a Twine game about a normal errand that can go in a number of fantastic directions.

Sure, you could just cash your cheque, but there’s also a dog, a man, and a woman in the bank, and maybe you want to interact with them instead. I won’t spoil what they’re each up to, but they’re wonderfully varied, covering crimes, relationships, anxieties, and, of course, puppers. This kind of complete branching isn’t often seen in choice based games, but is one of the things Twine is best for and is used to great effect here.

The game is availiable for $1 on itch.io so if you’re looking for a fun bit of storytelling to sink fifteen minutes or so into whilst supporting new creators, I highly recommend it!

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